Secure Documents

Galaxy Ltd. is a trusted supplier of security print and high-security documents to the Government of Malta. The company can supply and personalise a vast range of secure items ranging from very small tamper-evident labels up to large format documents, cheques, passports and identification cards. All of these can incorporate a number of anti-counterfeiting measures making it very difficult, if not impossible to produce unauthorised copies.

We are currently entrusted with a number of projects amongst which is the complete programme for the issuing of the Malta Driving Licence Card according to the EU directive for the Malta Transport Authority (Transport Malta). This high-security undertaking brought together planning, equipment, software and data handling to bring the licence renewal form, licence counterpart and the finished card straight to the client.

The company is also responsible for the data-handling, supply and personalisation of the globally-recognised Seaman’s Record Book (Seafarer’s Passport) issued to seamen registered under the Maltese Maritime Flag, the supply of EU-format Pet Passports, EU Equine Identification Documents, high-security MP (member of parliament) identification and access cards, cards for various ministries, Vehicle Registration Certificates, and other secure documents.

Systems Integration

As a proven and certified systems integrator we also specialise in bringing complete projects together. This includes the planning, hardware, customised software, security document aspect and procedures required for the final product to get to the customer within the expected timelines and with all the quality required.

Secure Documents

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