Labels & Tapes

Tamper-Evident Labels

Wine LabelsFlexibility and versatility are vital to the success of tamper evident labels and tapes, therefore, we offer a wide range of technologies to create customised, intelligent labels and tapes to achieve the optimum security solution for you.

Tamper Evident LabelsBoth the labels and secure tapes can be supplied with different adhesives, prints, inks and characteristics according to the customer’s preference and needs. Some examples are tamper-evident labels with permanent glass adhesive, high-security labels for high-security containers, barcoded inventory labels and fuel/chemical-resistant labels manufactured for the petrochemical industry.

Holographic Labels

HologramsWe also specialise in the supply of holograms which are most commonly used for anticounterfeiting, ultra-high security and government applications. A hologram is unique and is nearly impossible to copy. Our holographic labels can be applied to many materials including but not limited to; paper documents, PVC cards, plastic, metal, etc. and can be customised with the customer’s logo or any other image and text the customer wishes. Kindly contact us for any enquires or for any other details you may need.

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